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Hail to the king


Hail to the king

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teamazure said: Draw a Wooper in 46 if you want!



Hey, hey, hey! Look at me, I did the thing!

Sea-weed green Wooper! I… Don’t ever really know how I actually thought of it, but it happened, so… Here, I guess? Different take on the Wooper, hope it’s okay! I certainly like it, and I’m sure that’s what ocunts. òwó 9

The strange little monster’s probably bouncing around to a cool little beat.

Hey, if you or anyone else who sees this wants to send me another request, I’m tagging them with [#color palette challenge]! If need be, find the whole list of the challenge here!

Yay Wooper!

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I miss pmd-e.

There was never another time where I was so motivated and hyped to make the best stuff I could in order to impress and get a good score.

pmd-u is fine, but I do not feel the bond, the unity (lol) between the members. In pmd-e it felt like we were all part of a family who had to figure out how get back from the past together, fight off creepy Zoroark together etc. In pmd-u I feel like errands/tasks are a chore I have to get out of the way so I can work on other things.

pmd-u ‘s mission 1 ended in January. 8 months ago. There has been no new mission since. There’s only useless errands to humor us. There has been a little plot, but not enough to really get us involved. And I know no one is forced to participate in pmd-u, and no one is forced to even make pmd-u. And I know it takes effort and everyone’s personal lives are more important that a deviantART group.

All I’m saying is that I miss the greatness that was pmd-e and all that it brought us. Like new friends, motivation, inspiration, drive to do better. These things I cannot find in pmd-u. One thing that’s great about pmd-u though, is the Atlas website. It’s great that there is a real log and that we can “buy” rewards for real and it keeps track of our items and start chips.  Despite that, pmd-u is fine, but there cannot be another group as good as pmd-e.

Of course that’s only my personal opinion.

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Anonymous said: Zara,would you like to exist a carnival dedicated to Team Azure?


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Team Azure FTW Errand 8 by sapphireluna
Aaah very quick errand.
Look at this scary 2-people mob

Team Azure FTW Errand 8 by sapphireluna

Aaah very quick errand.

Look at this scary 2-people mob

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Team Azure FTW Errand 7 by sapphireluna
Quick last minute errand

Team Azure FTW Errand 7 by sapphireluna

Quick last minute errand

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Anonymous said: You are kind-hearted towards both people and animals. Thanks for being there. Your PMD stories have made me cry several times; they evoke a lot of emotions. Sometimes I get a bit nervous talking to you, since I'm not sure if I'm annoying.

Aww thanks! I’m happy you liked my PMD stories and I’m sorry I haven’t been very active lately, story-wise. Since I’m not that good at perspective/backgrounds/composition , I try to make up for that with emotion so I’m glad you feel that way.

But omg don’t be nervous! You’re never annoying and I never turn someone who wants to talk to me away! I’m always happy to make new friends! I don’t usually start conversations, but you are always welcome to start one!

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Anonymous said: Honestly, scrolling through the wooper tag and finding your blog has been (and continues to be) one of the most pleasant surprises I've had. Your art is smooth, your use of colour is fantastic, and your plots and characters always leave me wanting to read more. Kudos, Woop!


aaaaaaaah~! thank you so much! It’s a pleasure to hear this! and such happiness to hear how you found me! >(//>  u <//)< woopers!!

Reblogging for Woopers.

Woopers for all

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Anonymous said: You are one coooooooooool cat.

haha thanks.

Accurate depiction

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Anonymous said: You really don't care about others at all, but at least you're not antipathetic or something.

Woah anon, what the hell are you talking about. I barely say anything at all so I don’t know what you are basing this on. Previous anon seems to disagree too.