September 16, 2014   7 Notes.

tailsluigi said: Tails: Zara, What kind of item would you like to get from Team Azure?

September 16, 2014   7 Notes.

mathewryf said: Can Upaa run through loops? That is the real question...

If he runs fast enough, he can travel through time

September 15, 2014   10 Notes.

banette14 said: A wild banette appeared.He want to be your friend.

I`m Zara! Do you like Team Azure?? Do you want to see my collection? Aren’t Team Azure the best?? Who’s your favorite?? Hey! Where are you going?

September 15, 2014   3 Notes.

nickacgcharactersociety said: Nicholas Lim: Can I meet you in this tumblr? I like your water team. Any chance of other pokemon to join you? Your category team type are water, water/ground and bug/water. Am I right?

We already have Zara hanging around

September 11, 2014   10 Notes.

nickacgcharactersociety said: I will test team azure a question, see if your team can answer me: " How you defeat Electivire by yourself?"



And then Upaa uses his Earthquake attack! It’s not very strong though

September 11, 2014   9 Notes.

nickacgcharactersociety said: Nicholas Lim: What is one of yours best water moves you ever use?


Mine is of course Razor Shell!

September 11, 2014   9 Notes.

Anonymous said: What is your favorite food,Mijou?


September 11, 2014   33 Notes.

teamazure said: Can you do Robin and Upaa in palette 86? =D


Awww that’s lovely!


September 10, 2014   8 Notes.

Anonymous said: Can you 3 pilot robots? I thought it'd be epic to ride mechas.


Thumbs up if you get the reference

September 10, 2014   6 Notes.

Anonymous said: What do you think about Devonshire,Eelysia?