April 24, 2014   2 Notes.

Anonymous asked: Isn't PMD-E cancelled? There wasn't a comic of what happened to Team Azure now?

It is cancelled. It’s hard to say what could have happened if it continued, but I made a simple animation about the teams coming back from the past, and that’s pretty much the last Team Azure thing I made. They’re all living peacefully now as far as I’m concerned.

Those who haven’t seen it, can see the animation here: 

Why don’t you look at my other videos while you’re there? =D

April 23, 2014   4 Notes.

Anonymous asked: Are all Oshawotts, Dewotts and Samurotts related to each other in a way even if they aren't?

Uuuh…Are all Pokemon related because they all come from Mew?

Are all humans related because they all come from Adam and Eve?

I don’t know!

April 23, 2014   0 Notes.

Anonymous asked: You could make a big epilogue of Team Azure with Mijou, Upaa and Tama returning to their family? Maybe it will serve as an ending to your PMD-E story of Team Azure? Oh, and you should show the Feraligatr dad (whoever his name is) wanting to make up for abandoning his family then have a group hug with them! Maybe they'll decide to move to the Pokémon Paradise from Gates to Infinity! :D How's that for support in your Deviantart page? ;)

They’re not returning to their families though. As far as I’m concerned, they are continuing their rogue missions as usual. Their families are close by, they can see them anytime. But they’re living their own lives.

If Dad ever showed up, he wouldn’t want to make up, nor would Mijou and his brother and mom. But he might apologize once he got defeated.

They have a life and purpose in Tao, so they’re not moving anywhere. But thanks for your interest!

April 23, 2014   4 Notes.

Anonymous asked: Why won't Team Azure ever evolve? There are benefits: Mijou as a Dewott will be taller, have hands with fingers and get two scalchops and when he's a Samurott he'll have armor and flipping big seamitars (swords), Upaa will be taller, bigger and have arms and maybe be able to talk normally, and Tama will have wings to fly and maybe even talk a lot more!

The boring answer is that I like them the way they are!

The less boring answer is that Mijou wants to prove to his brother that he doesn’t need to evolve to be strong. Upaa is perfectly happy the way he is. Also this , And Tama likes to ride on people’s head so he’s a bit lazy. But he might have evolved if pmd-e had not stopped…

April 23, 2014   6 Notes.

Anonymous asked: How are Kenki, Futachi and the Feraligatr dad doing now?

Um.. well Kenki is probably home in Cobalt Lake living her somewhat lonely life. Futachi is out there training under his master to become stronger. Who knows where dad is or what he’s doing…

For those unfamiliar with those characters, click here


April 22, 2014   25 Notes.

earthlobter456 asked: Can you 3 wear tutus for me, please?

April 22, 2014   5 Notes.

markysheap asked: What do you mean with 'not going to happen now'? There is some vagueness in that statement.

It means that since pmd-e is over, I’m not very likely to work on that story.

Sure I could still do it just for myself, but I feel less motivated for stories without pmd-e :(

April 22, 2014   1 Notes.

Anonymous asked: So where is Mijou and his team? Did they return home to their respective families? (Though Tama probably stayed with Mijou because he likes to sit on his head) I wonder if Futachi is getting along with Mijou more nicely now?

Mijou , Tama and Upaa live in their own cave just outside Tao town. Their families live by the river that’s a bit further, so they can see their families whenever they want. Except Tama, because he’s an orphan. (His egg was a reward way back  in mission 2).

And no Futachi and Mijou don’t get along well yet. There was supposed to be a story when they meet again and Futachi gains some respect for Mijou after seeing how strong he’s become but looks like it’s never going to happen now.

April 22, 2014   5 Notes.

Anonymous asked: What happened to Mijou? Would he run into his long-lost Feraligatr father and try to convince him to come home with him even after explaining he is a Rogue Explorer for his young age?

Wow, anon! I don’t know who you are, but I am super impressed and touched you know/remember about Futachi and the long-lost Feraligatr father!  

But Mijou wouldn’t try to convince his father to come back. He never met his father, but he resents his father for abandoning his mother. I wanted to include a story of him meeting his father and fighting him in pmd, but that’s not likely to happen now. 

April 10, 2014   6 Notes.


hello friends.

For personal reasons, I am going to take a break from tumblr and most of the internet for a little while.

So if I don’t reply to your thing, it’s because I wasn’t there to see it, not because I don’t care.

Applies to here too